Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay this started when i created a more formal email address to handle more formal emails.
Writing didn’t seem very intellectual when I was filling in scholarship applications huhu.

Then I thought why not I change my blog url too.
Been having this new url for some time but have yet to use it.
Please don’t kill me for changing it again!
I know I know I dam ma fan right so now you can choose if you want to link me or not. *although I hope you will.
I wont come and bug you in your cbox okaysssss.

I don’t even know why I came up with sockss.
Honestly, I don’t even wear socks alot.
I think it started with my super lame attempt when I started sockss for jockss.
It really has no meaning and frankly if you think about it, it sounds kind of wrong. Sigh.
I think it just sounded cute and such.

This sock-ish however wasn’t my first choice.
I couldn’t get and I couldn’t get it either when I added 2 or 3 “s” behind socks.

Im still wondering how to import all my contacts from my old email to new one on msn.
Until I get some help, ill bear with

See you on the other side. ;)

ps: Clearing my links.
Will not be linking those who have not updated in ages(!!) and also those who choose to lock their blogs.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I want Famous Amos dark cookies if you must.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

if my ♥ was a house

Spent the afternoon listening to Owl City.
and amazing videos made by this person. ( I think its a she)

Ive never felt so impulsive to ever want a CD album ever since my days of Westlife. (pfft)
Yes, for once im determine to save up and find that album !
Checked Speedy and no luck. :(

Another one.

"Flower bloom perfume, all my clothes smell like you cause your favourite shade is navy blue."


Just incase you wanted to be a nice friend, I want Owl City's Ocean Eyes. :D

ive got misty eyes as i said farewell

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I listened to the radio only to have the host wake me up when she said, “Tomorrow is the last day of the year”.

I stoned a little because, although I knew we were approaching the end of the year, it didn’t hit me like that.

Well yes 2009 is coming to an end, and I keep hearing/reading people say how much they’ve enjoyed the year and feel the heaviness to leave it behind.
Honestly, I am too. What bugs me is why. I cant seem to put my finger on “why”.
Maybe because Im not done with the year yet.
Yes, maybe. There is so much more things i wished id done.
If you asked if I had a good year?
Maybe half-half.

For this part, obviously you need a password.
Ask me, and I just might hand it to you.


27 hours to go

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Countdown of 3 days till the new year.
Did we really ever imagine we would end up here?

Ive been having moodswings (urgh benci),
Whereby I wake up in the morning feeling like a cripple and just lay in bed with my bed of thoughts and bury it all by sleeping again.
I usually enjoy waking up to the mornings. Nuuu.

The house gets quite-r these days, with more gloom growing.
Im still praying.

Next year brings plenty uncertainties.
Really, in every possible angle.

Sometimes I just have to realise that things are beyond my control and command.
Whatever happened this time around, wasn’t mine to choose.

Random piccas from here and there.

Fake tree at I-City at Klang,
Nice place leaving me with 5 mosquito bites that stayed on for 5 days (and counting).

The view from Nottingham's outdoor cafeteria.
I told you I LITERALLY see palm trees when I look around the campus.
Super opposite from the colleges here.
hmmm, somehow the picture here makes the view a little nicer.

Kay and I, the other day.


If people say that You made a purpose for everything to happen; for a reason,
Then I hope You didn’t forget me.

Did you all have a good year?

Friday, December 25, 2009


Just had a home Christmas eve dinner with the family.
Small scale this year.
but good homecook beef, salmon, baked potatos and mashed :)

drank a little alcohol and help my sister finish her portion.
could feel my skin heating up but kept going.
I recently had the urge to drink, so I did, just to satisfy my urge.
Drank a little too much and ended up puking, drinking tea and taking a nap :P
all on Christmas eve. hohoho. Woke up just in time before it was 12am!
What sad countdown would I have if i slept through it :P
Im such a handicap in the drinking section. sad.

Happy Christmas everyone :)

This could work

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


First : 2008
Second: 2009

First : was it 2007 or 2008??
Second: 2009

into the water

Pot luck at Darren's on the 20th.
Exactly a year after last year's.
More on facebook here.